The state of mind of a photographer while creating is a blank…For those who would equate “blank” with a kind of static emptiness, I must explain that this is a special kind of blank. It is a very active state of mind really, a very receptive state of mind, ready at an instant to grasp an image, yet with no image pre-formed in it at any time. We should note that the lack of a pre-formed pattern or preconceived idea of how anything ought to look is essential to this blank condition. Such a state of mind is not unlike a sheet of film itself – seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second’s exposure conceives a life in it. (Not just life, but “a” life).”

—Minor White, The Camera Mind and Eye

About this series:

Lost in a totally unfamiliar setting, full of signs and colours that did not make sense to me, I took long walks through the streets to familiarise myself with this new environment. I then noticed that after walking long enough, my perception of the city changed: elements of the urban landscape would slowly lose their substance, and become abstract shapes, colours and forms that I would photograph.